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Clients are created through establishing a relationship, not being sold.  Clients are relationships, not sales orders.  Clients are men and women who can count on you-and you can count on them.  Clients don’t have to question your integrity or advice-and you don’t have to question their loyalty. Paul McCord

Yet you can never be so comfortable with a client that you take them for granted.In fact, if your client is really a client you wouldn’t think of taking them for granted because you have both a professional and emotional commitment to them. You’re primarily concerned about their welfare, not your profit. One arises out of the other.True the years of subcontracting We learn a lot of countable lessons. The Client is the mirror of yourself. The Client reflect what you are and the way you perform doing the task. That is way you can count on us to do it right on time and  with quality.
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